Return to Paris Slots

The Return to Paris Slots - a highly designed and stunningly beautiful slot game that has got tons of players from around the globe week at the knees. There are loads of things going on in here, so get excited to learn about them all. We have got Betsoft to thank for this colossal triumph, so well done to them.

The look, feel and list of attributes

The Return to Paris Slots, as the name suggests, is based in Paris. You will see the shining Eiffel tower in the right background, as well as typical, beautifully designed Parisien houses on the left. There’s a cop and his little pug assistant in the bottom left hand corner, just waiting so that you don’t cause too much mischief. The slot, as we said before, has been brought out and created by the Betsoft providers, who are key components of today’s thriving industry.

The slot came out in October of 2021, so it’s not the oldest one that we have seen. This can be nice, especially if you prefer to play those slightly more modern slots. The RTP is wonderful here, coming in at 96.06%, which is above the national average percentage which is class. The higher it is, the better, so don’t stop until you find a slot that satisfies your needs. The variance level comes in at medium too, which isn’t a bad figure at all.

In this 5x3 grid, there are also 20 betways, which is way more than the last review we wrote. The hit frequency comes in at 45.8, as well as the maximum win being 1,056x the bet. The minimum and maximum bet are also important to know about, coming in at 0.2 and reaching all of the way up to 100. Having a load of different figures is the key to success here.

Features you’ll find in the Return to Paris Slots

The Return to Paris Slots offers many different features, and the main ones are the bonus symbols, free spins, multipliers, RTP ranges, scatter symbols and finally, the wild symbols. Take advantage of them whilst you still can and see what doors open up.

Final thoughts in a nutshell

The Return to Paris Slots is fun, vibrant and one of a kind. There are so many reasons to consider it, so try it out and see whether what it has on offer is enough for you.