Support Team

TopBet Casino

At Top Bet Casino, there are no silly questions or unsolvable problems. The casino takes everybody's questions serious, and it answers them in a professional and friendly manner. This is how the casino ensures that members have a comfortabel and stress free time on the gambling platform. The excellent support team knows how to make the gambling experience convenient and carefree. The dedicated team is always committed to find a quick solution to every problem. All it takes to contact them, is sending a simple email or fax, or making a quick phone call. Support helps players with their problems as quickly as possible, so that they can fully focus on all the fun and entertainment that this online casino has to offer.

Customer Support By Email

Players who have any questions or comments about a product or aspect of this online gambling platform, are always encouraged to send an email to They should certainly not hesitate to send a message and explain any problem or concern that they might have. The friendly support team will quickly respond to the matter, within an average time period of 48 hours.

Customer Support By Phone And Fax

It is also possible to contact the support center by phone at this online casino. Telephone support representatives answer questions 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Besides the telephone service, this casino also has an option to send a fax. The phone and fax number are:

Phone: 1-877-528-6748 Fax: 1-877-517-2311

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Players are also able to find the answer to their questions and problems in the extensive frequently asked questions list on the support page of the Top Bet online casino website. On this page, they conveniently find an overview of links to answers on every aspect of the gambling platform, from how to get started to technical problems and from account security to wager terms.

Always Feel Free To Provide A Comment

The Top Bet casino support team not only likes to help players with problems. They also love to hear from members who are willing to provide any feedback about the casino. By getting this useful feedback, they are able to offer their members an even better gambling experience in the future. Therefore, players are more than welcome to share their thoughts and ideas on Top Bet related issues.